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Short Description About EXO

EXO is a 12 member group divided into two sub units: EXO - K [Korean] and EXO M [Mandarin]. The group debuted last April, 8, 2012. They have three albums namely, MAMA, XOXO [almost sold 900,000+ copies], and XOXO Repackage Album [Growl].



SM wants to keep the members as OT12.

Sehun’s popularity increased after Showtime, so he’ll have more parts in the new album. So will Joonmyun.

Kris doesn’t have many parts in the new album.

Some members will begin to make regular variety appearances after the comeback. Xiumin definitely will, because his popularity is incredibly high.

There’ll be a new group variety show. Kris will continue his style there.

SM will have one member from Exo and one from SHINee in the new SBS variety show where male and female idols live together.


Luhan’s received many solo CF/appearance offers from Chinese companies, and Kris many drama offers, but SM rejected them all.

Sehun receives the most photoshoot offers. SM’s very picky in choosing the ones to accept.

SM’s preparing a lot for Chanyeol to start acting. They’re thinking about adding Jongin too.

Whether Exo debuts in Japan this year depends on how their upcoming trip there goes.

There’s an 80% SM will have another boy-girl unit release this year. It’ll have members from the new girl group, but the new girl group won’t debut this year.

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Xiumin (99) - 11 + 88, because he first appeared in the 11th teaser

Luhan (7 or 77) - Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey number was 7 when he played for Manchester United

Kris (00) - together with Suho’s 1, they make 100

Suho (1 or 7) - together with Kris’s 00, they make 100; 7 is the number of years he spent as a trainee

Lay (10) - he was born in October; there’s a Chinese idiom “十全十美,” literally “ten all ten beautiful,” that means “perfection”

Baekhyun (4) - he wanted to be a singer since 4th grade; the 4th batter is the most important one in baseball (the cleanup hitter)

Chen (21) - he was born on the 21st of September

Chanyeol (61) - his childhood nickname was Park Chanho, who’s a famous Korean baseball player with jersey number 61

D.O. (12) - he was born on the 12th of January; Exo has 12 members

Tao (68) - added together, the digits make 14, the date on which his 2nd teaser was released

Kai (88) - H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so 88 stands for “HH” hip-hop; 88 in Morse Code also means “love and kisses”

Sehun (94) - he was born in 1994

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I miss HunHan. Please get back together :’(
cr: to the owner

I miss HunHan. Please get back together :’(

cr: to the owner

[TRANS] 140131 LAY posted on weibo “First day of the new year, you like it?”

cr: playfulkris

[TRANS] 140131 LAY posted on weibo “First day of the new year, you like it?”

cr: playfulkris


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